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Our System Design Consultants

One of the keys to the effectiveness of our systems is our experienced design group. Our system design consultants bring with them over seventy-five years of experience, along with the Central City Air approach to comfort, mildew/mold control, and system longevity. You can count on these specialists to design the right system for you, whether new construction, replacement, or upgrade.

Central City Air is a pioneer in designing HVAC systems for optimum humidity control, operating efficiency, and general home comfort. The principles employed in our designs--once considered radical--have become the new standards for high humidity areas. If you want a comfortable home, with lower humidity and a preventive approach to mold and mildew control, without excessive operating cost, then we can help.

What we can do for you

  • Our System Design Consultants have the knowledge to analyze your system based on the needs of your home. We do not promote the cookie cutter approach. All of our systems are custom designed specifically for your home.
  • Unlike many other companies, our proposals offer you more than just a model number and price. Our System Design Consultants spend alot of time working on your proposal to make sure that you can make a well informed decision.
  • We are a full-line American Standard dealer, installing only quality equipment that gives you full value for your dollar. We engineer and design every system to fulfill your goal of comfort.
  • We have installed residential systems as large as $100,000 in value.
  • We know how to remove humidity by designing a system for your exact needs and have been installing mold-free residential environments by using David Debien's custom coils since 1985.
  • We give you what you pay for. We don't do free or loss leader work that has to be made up with higher prices for other work.
  • Central City Air is a full-time dealer for quality manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment. We also employ our own techniques and custom coil modifications for optimizing two-stage condensing units.

Meet our System Design Consultants

Our System Design Consultant's personal web pages include videos with the consultants' experience, philosophy, and equipment preferences. They also feature 'off-the-job' photos of home and family.

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