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What makes Central City Air special?

At Central City Air, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of air conditioning and heating technology. David Debien, our company founder spent most of his time inventing new ways to provide a healthier and more comfortable living environment to homes along the gulf coast. Below are just some of the innovations to the Houston HVAC industry we use at Central City Air.

The History of the Central City Air Proprietary Custom Split Coil

We have spent years at Central City Air developing designs and components for Houston area weather. One of our most significant achievements is David's custom split coil design.

The Beginning:

Central City Air proprietary custom split coils were designed by our company founder David Debien. Initially, David left the production to a local manufacturer, but the coils weren't up to snuff. Always a stickler for quality, he decided the only way to get it right was to do it ourselves. The product was great, we said "wow" to the coils, but the process was time-consuming and David worried about meeting demand.

Lending a helping hand:

Lennox Industries (stepped in and) worked with us to find a suitable local manufacturer. Lennox arranged a meeting with Aspen Coils here in Houston, and impressed with David's design, they agreed to make the custom coil for us through Lennox.

The big test:

One of the leading brands in the industry came to David and said they wanted to test the custom split coil with their 2-stage 18 SEER condensers, utterly unconvinced our coil would maintain the ARI 18 SEER rating. After rigorous testing, comparing our custom coil to their own coil, they found David's out-performed theirs. Today Central City Air is the only company in the US allowed to use a different coil with this brand's 18 SEER unit and still meet the ARI standard.

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Since the begining, Central City Air has been on a constant look out to find innovative products that will offer our customers the highest in home comfort. Below are just a few of these specialty products.

Custom Air Registers:

A properly designed register can accent any cooling system by allowing proper distribution of air in a particular room. This helps to increase circulation, which reduces stratification or dead spots. Greater circulation means greater comfort. This means better registers can pay for themselves by making a properly designed system work even more efficiently. At Central City Air, we offer a number of different choices in air registers.

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Ductless Mini-Split System:

Cool air without ductwork. Since hot air rises and cold air falls by mounting the cooling section compactly on the wall, near the ceiling allows the unit to remove heat more efficiently and deliver cooling directly to the space where you need it.

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Bronz-Glow Coating

Bronz-Glow is a coating applied to the evaporator coil that contains an anti-microbial additive that will prevent the growth of mold and mildew eliminating "dirty sock" syndrome. The coating also prevents corrosion and electrolysis due to dissimilar metals. We offer the option to coat all horizontal box-style evaporator coils to our customers.

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Whether the installation is a retrofit of an existing home, historic preservation, new custom home, commercial application or unique solution, The Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort while preserving the architectural integrity of the structure.

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