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This guide will better equip you for dealing with your Central City Air installed heating and cooling system by familiarizing you with basic operation and maintenance procedures for both heating and cooling products. Central City Air has selected the specific equipment in your house based on the structure requirements ascertained by local Houston weather design data.

Three-way Responsibility

You have a right to expect your comfort system to serve you well. Optimal performance can be achieved by way of a three-way responsibility.

  1. Central City Air must design and select the equipment to rigid quality standards. This is our tradition and continuing policy.
  2. Central City Air has planned and installed the entire comfort system so that the equipment's full comfort potential is utilized. Central City Air meets this goal by maintaining the industry's most advanced training programs.
  3. It is up to you to operate and maintain the equipment properly - as would be expected with any sophisticated machinery. The purpose of this booklet is to inform you of simple procedures that will help assure the peak performance and longevity of your comfort equipment.

Table of Contents

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