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About The Central City Air Difference

Air Conditoning Repairs, Installations & Services in Houston TX

In simple terms, you want your new air conditioning and heating system to be designed and installed right and with the best equipment and other materials for the job. By no small coincidence, you want repairs, replacement, or retrofit of an existing HVAC done to the same standards. Well, so do we. Neither of us wins if we have to come back out to your home, because of substandard parts or sloppy work. Consider these points:

  • At Central City Air, we do residential air conditioning. We don't do office buildings, stores, or warehouses. Only residences. Consequently our experience is residential, and we can solve the problems with your Houston home's heater and air conditioner--or better yet, design a system that will avoid or prevent those problems in the first place.
  • We have been licensed to do business in Houston since 1973. We also hold a statewide license to allow us to do work anywhere in Texas.
  • Our teams of specialists coordinate every project--complete installations or routine repairs--our goal is to do every job right the first time.
  • Our warranty is one-year parts and one-year labor on all repairs. Check this out with any other company.
  • We have installed residential systems in Houston as large as $100,000 in value.
  • We do not have any unhappy customers because we solve problems, not go around them. We have a 98% customer return.
  • We are a full line American Standard dealer, installing only quality equipment that gives you full value for your dollar. We engineer and design every system to fulfill your goal of comfort. (Click here for more information on our brands...)
  • Our service rates are competitive with all quality contractors in the Houston area.
  • We know how to remove humidity by designing a system for your exact needs and have been installing mold free residential environments by using David Debien's custom coils since 1985.

Our System Design Philosophy:


We use expansion valves, never the cheap flow raters


Coil size and type:

  • We select each cooling coil based on the design of you home. This is reflected in the engineering balance point with regard to humidity removal, with maximum performance. This includes an expansion valve, sight glass, and refrigerant charge.
  • Installation of any coil must be slanted toward the drain. In addition, the airflow must be balanced and checked after installation and adjusted if necessary. When this is done correctly, you will benefit from the maximum humidity removal, maximum comfort, and minimum operating cost, longest system life, and minimum maintenance. With the correct coil, total life cycle costs are lower and mold potential is minimized.


  • The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a rating put out by the government to allow systems to be compared on an equal basis. The rating gives the consumer an idea of the energy usage. The higher the SEER rating, means theoretically the cost to operate will be lower. These numbers can be misleading to some degree, because they do not reflect design conditions of the area we live in. Namely the high humidity of Houston. This means that the balance point of any system reflect the systems ability to remove heat and humidity. Since, in Houston, we are in the most humid climate possible, a lower SEER might be justified if humidity removal and comfort is increased.

Humidity Control:

  • Many homes in the Houston area are affected by mold problems. People spend a lot of time and money trying to eliminate the problem.
  • The fact is, if you're A/C system is removing the maximum amount of humidity; mold will rarely appear in your home. If you do not have an expansion valve coil, demand one the next time you purchase an air conditioning system. If the contractor won't give you an expansion valve coil, call someone else. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. An expansion valve coil, properly sized, will have a higher humidity removal rate than any other design. When an expansion valve is installed, a sight glass in the small liquid line will provide a means of checking your refrigerant level very easily. If all of your components in your air conditioning system are installed and maintained in a proper manner, humidity and mold will rarely be a problem.
  • In spite of these statements, many of the systems in Houston do not have expansion valves. Why? It is very simple. Most people do not know the difference. Contractors install what they can for the lowest price possible. People do not search out the best because they don't know there is a difference.

Heating (We do have winters in Houston...occasionally)

  • Furnaces should be selected and sized at 35-50 BTUH per square foot with standard ceilings and slightly more for higher ceilings. If your needs fall between two sizes select the larger furnace. In Houston, your furnace must be sized to hold a 68-degree temperature at 20 degrees outdoor. This is the law.
  • Central City Air backs each furnace with a one-year 100% labor warranty. Furnaces installed with a complete system have a two-year 100% labor warranty. During the warranty period, replacement parts or labor will be furnished at no charge. Longer warranties up to 10-year parts and labor are available.

We give you what you pay for. We don't do free or loss leader work that has to be made up with higher prices for other work.

Central City Air is a full-time dealer for quality manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment. We also employ our own techniques and custom coil modifications for optimizing two-stage condensing units.